Impact of Reforms on Inequalities in Norway: A Thematic Review 2017

  • Einar Øverbye


PrefaceThis paper was initially commissioned by the European Centre of Expertise in the field of labour law, employment and labor market policy (ECE) in the UK in November 2016, as part of a facts gathering mission on behalf of The European Commission in Brussels. Thematic country articles on inequality have been prepared for most EU and EEA countries.  The country articles will serve as underlying documents for a EU Thematic Review Synthesis on Inequalities in European countries. The thematic country articles for the 27 Member States that are part of the European Semester process and that receive Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs) will be published on the Europa website, but not the country articles on Greece and non-EU countries. Since the thematic review on Norway may be of interest to readers within and outside Norway, I have published the review as part of the Oslo and Akershus University College report series. Oslo, 30 August 2017Einar Øverbye